5 Most Dangerous Cities in California

When most people think about the beautiful state of California, they envision picturesque
beaches, mountains, parks and mesmerizing blue sunny skies but not theft or violence.
If you are planning on living in any ones of these cities, you will be in need of a
hidden spy cam as a safety measure. Here are the 5 most dangerous cities in California.


Home of the renowned Pixar Animated Studios, this city is famous for its luxurious
condominiums as well as upscale shopping. With a population of a little over 10,000
Emeryville has disappointingly, the highest crime rate per person in the state of California.
Chances that a resident in Emeryville will be a victim of a violent crime is a surprising 1 in
every 5 people. This definitely calls for innocent residents in the area to have
legal self-defense weapons. Property crime is also rampant in Emeryville.
Red Bluff
This city’s motto, “A great place to live” does not resonate with the disturbing crime rate
of Red Bluff. Violent crimes have shot up. Chances of residents being property crime victims
are1 in about 13 people. Not feeling secure in Red Bluff? Then protect yourself with a
baton nightstick.
This model city, as it calls itself, does not live up to its name. Although the city has
recorded declining rates of murders, it has an abnormally high rate of property crimes.
Commerce is also notorious for violent crimes.
The 8th largest city in the state of California, Oakland is the most violent city in the state.
It is also infamous for murders and property crimes. FBI reports that chances of residents
being victims of violent crimes are around 15 in 1,000 people.
This city ranks 2nd for violent crime. Property crime is also relatively high.

It is important that you keep aware of these rankings if you’re in the city already or
considering a move there.

Even cars need protective covering

Have you seen cars being wrapped in a cover? It is not a common thing but I have seen cars parked in the open as well as those parked in sheltered areas covered. Why do owners take the trouble to wrap their car in a cover? There are two types of covers. The outdoor covers are to protect the cars parked under the open sky to protect to shield the car from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, rain, and dust. These covers are made of good quality materials to protect against severe weather, tree sap, and birds droppings, etc. The indoor covers are to protect the car from dust and water to prevent rusting


In areas with unpredictable or extreme weather conditions, outdoor car covers are necessary to protect the cars. The covers help to protect the car paint from crack or lose their shine. In areas where there are dust problems such as sand storms, the covers will help protect the car from the dust and sand. There are car and truck covers that are made to fit a particular car or truck model but there are also car and truck covers that are universal. In order to get the best possible cover, one has to look out for certain features and designs that can withstand the tough weather condition.

Universal covers are made to fit on any car regardless of shape and make. Custom fit car covers are made to fit and hug the exact curves and protrusions of the specific models. Some car covers are specifically made for outdoor protection, while some which are of the lighter and softer materials are for indoor functions. Car or truck covers come wrapped up in small bags. They are easy to fit and when not in use, they are kept safely away back in the small bags.


There are many reasons why car owners choose to cover their car. After spending so much on an expensive car, one would want to preserve and maintain the good condition of the car for as long as possible.

To protect against weather and natural elements such as sun, snow, rain, and moisture.
To prevent dulling of car paint, cracking and peeling of interior materials e.g. seats.
To protect from bird droppings, or coating of dust, pollen, and etc.
To protect from cats, chickens, squirrels, and even birds from getting on your car and leaving behind scratch marks on the paint surface.

What Type of Socks Does Say it With A Sock Offer?

Is your sock drawer dull and boring, full of whites and grays and socks whose best days are behind them? If that is your unfortunate situation, then help is on the way in the form of monthly socks. By joining the monthly sock club you can arrange to have new, fashionable socks sent your way by mail. The program is convenient and features quality, branded socks that are stylish and original.

A Selection of Sock Options

The socks you order are customized for your preference in two major areas. First, you select one of three sock styles: graphics, patterns or both patterns and graphics. Second, you will be encouraged to provide feedback on the socks you have received, allowing the sock experts to tweak your sock profile.

There are several advantages to this approach, including:

Surprise – Since you never know exactly what you are getting, it’s like receiving a gift each month.
Convenience – Because there is no need for you to pick out the exact socks, there is no worry about fashion trends or changing styles.
Suitability – Since you still get to choose the overall style of the socks, you can be confident the monthly socks will still be a good fit.
Customization – Your monthly feedback should result in socks that you love, picked for you by a sock professional.

You will be getting branded socks of a high quality that are chosen for your tastes. It’s a great way to jazz up your sock drawer. These aren’t just cool socks for men either. Say It With A Sock is for everybody.

A Number of Benefits

With a sock program, you can pick out the number of socks you wish to receive each month. Gift programs are easy to set up and can be sent to anyone, either on a monthly basis or as a one-time event.

Sign up on the Say It With A Sock home page. It only takes a few moments to provide monthly socks for yourself or a favorite person.

Live Streaming Assets Necessary In Growing Your Followers

Let’s say that you have been live streaming good content and yet you don’t seem to gain viewers for your live streams.
It looks like all your good work and material are going to waste and you are thinking whether you should continue
or to call it quit. Growing and maintaining your viewers is not easy but let us consider some live streaming assets
which may help in growing your followers.

  • Interacting and engaging through a live chat with your viewers, or set up a comment a Q&A with your viewers
will help to grow your audience and followers. Your followers are interested to know you as a real person. Put aside time
to reply to your viewers’ comment and you will see an increase in the numbers of followers. Viewers like to connect on a
personal level and if you maintain an open channel with you viewers, they will respond positively and will return for more.

  • Fix a day and time so that your viewers can easily follow you on your live stream. Consistent streaming to
avoid losing your viewers. There are many broadcasters vying for their attention.

  • Broadcasters and marketers are using modern tech live stream to promote themselves and their
materials on social platforms on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

  • Poor quality videos and poor audios will drive away your viewers.
To improve the quality of your videos and audios, start by using top live stream apps such as Swoo.

  • To draw your audience, choose a unique event that stands out to capture the attention of
your audience such as weddings, sports, graduation, concerts, presentations, video gaming, etc.
You can also live stream live concerts, sermons, tours, new product presentations, or seminars and lectures.

You can use Swoo TV to live stream events that may require your friends and family time and money to
attend e.g. concerts and sports. Find a live stream app that you can upload video on demand for your
viewers to catch up and to watch with ease. You can also create playlists for your viewers to access for their viewing.
You’re your videos on demand short and sweet for easy viewing.
If your broadcasts are offensive or inappropriate such as material on violent, self-harm or sexual content
will be suspended. Swoo can terminate your broadcaster status anytime. You need to show that you are
good at something and can bring value to the app. All broadcasting has to be done through
Swoo app on your smartphone.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Buy Discount Perfumes Inspired By Designer Fragrances

Of all the senses, scent has one of the strongest ties to memory. An individual’s perfume
or signature scent has become a way of self-expression, which is why the development
of perfumes has become a lucrative business. However, you do not need to spend a fortune
to smell great if you consider a wholesale fragrance. Here are five reasons to consider
wholesale imitation perfume:
1. Good Imitations: Perfumes that are “inspired by” a designer fragrance are essentially
imitations of that scent. In most cases, these imitations will catch the major notes of the
fragrance so that you are still getting the quality scent but without the designer label and
price tag.


2. Save Money: While imitations are similar to their designer competitors, they are often
sold for much less. Finding an imitation for your favorite fragrance lets you have the scent
you love without paying the designer price.
3. Variety of Options: There are plenty of options when it comes to perfume imitations.
In most cases, the imitation for your designer perfume is already available.


4. Experiment: In some cases, you are just not sure about a specific scent. But, at nearly
one hundred dollars a bottle or more, you are less likely to experiment and will go for
something that you consistently prefer. At wholesale prices, you can afford to get more than
one scent which will give you the chance to try something new.
5. Convenience: While there are physical stores that sell wholesale perfume, many outlets
offer the convenience of buying online. Once you have a scent or two in mind, you can have
your favorite wholesale perfumes shipped right to your door.
With low prices, quality scents and plenty of variety, wholesale perfumes are a great option
for all.