what i want for myself.:)

Monday, August 23, 2010 Marrien T 0 Comments

so basically here are the things that i want to buy as of the moment and i need sponsorship.. haha.. XD

how i love this bag. it's pink. it's girly and can you see that dainty ribbon??it's cute right. :) kawaii

and how i love this cardigans. :) you can wear them with everything specially now it's raining. :)
i know i'm super lazy to post. :)

so i'll be random now. tomorrow, will visit my dentist to have braces adjustment. :) then go to honey's house. will eat shawarma in the afternoon. gaaaahd.. i miss shawarma. :) i'll post an entry maybe later if im not lazy about shawarma.. haha,.. :) okei? much love from me. :)

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